About Zanzibar

Rather than paying towards tourism awards or an organized company that decides whether you are green or not by paying an annual fee, we prefer to herewith list all that we do good below:

!Cultural awareness and preservation

We like to give back to the community; not only economically but also by preserving (and celebrating) the culture.

We create awareness amongst our visitors as well as the local community to make sure that the culture of the Swahili coast remains protected and the locals benefit from it.

We do not go for volume to enrich ourselves but rather have small individual groups who are least affecting the rich culture of the locals.

!Induced spending

We like to re-circulate your dollars within the community and promote the local craftsmen and women groups to make sure you buy your souvenirs, lunch and others from locals and the income stays within the country.

!Community participation    

We like to improve the local community by pursuing individual benefits and actively involve the communities in tourism rather than passively benefiting from it. This way tourism will remain more authentic and create a sense of belonging amongst the locals. We want to boost your respect for the incredibly rich Swahili Culture, their religion and their values alike.


We strive to avoid that communities will advertise their modernity to attract tourists, and will disregard their traditional customs and values. We celebrate the local customs and values and want to inspire the visitors to appreciate and admire the culture and habits of our special destination so as to preserve and prevent it from extinction.

!Being environmentally responsible

We actively look for alternative ways to supply water to guests e.g. introducing car water stations and carrying a large water container in the back of the car with paper cups rather than buying dozens of small plastic bottles.

We do not promote companies who are not aware of the environment and use plastic non bio degradable cutleries.


We actively introduce and promote alternative and fair trade Tanzanian products by exposing you to local alternative producers and development projects.


We are always looking for ways to reduce plastic by avoiding plastic water bottles, plastic bags, disposal plastics like cling wrap, straws, coffee cups etc. and by promoting plastic recycling where we can

!Eco friendly

We select only small scale lodges as well as restaurants for you that,

pay attention to proper waste disposal / recycling, have an active environmental management plan and have a community based approach

 !Be part of

Bring your own water bottle to refill in cars and lodges, minimize disposable items and plan on bringing back everything you bring in.

Avoid disposable batteries, think about getting a solar battery and avoid bringing chemical based insecticides.