Stone Town & Wellness

This unique, custom-tailored half day tour takes you to the hidden gems of Stone Town where no groups come. We take you to the alleys less travelled and you will not regret coming with us! Dip into the Zanzibari way of life, experience Zanzibari hospitality and enjoy a lovely coconut and lime massage treatment at the end of your walk. A real treat if you would like to feel Zanzibar on your skin(literally!)

Please book this well in advance so we can make reservations at our sister #Mrembospa.

This tour introduces you to a different side of The UNESCO protected Stone Town where we go deeper into the life of the locals and stay away from the mainstream route.

We will collect you from your hotel at 0930am and return you there around 1330pm.

Wear comfortable shoes, a hat and carry a bottle of water. We will stop at one of our water stations when you need to refill your bottle and like this we preserve our beloved island of Zanzibar.

We also like to remind you that the locals really appreciate it when you respect their culture in covering your shoulders and knees. It’s a small effort but makes all the difference!

Please feel free to ask us for a local lunch at a Zanzibar home; this can be arranged in advance.

Alternatively we are happy to help you suggest our favorite places for lunch or dinner. We like to support our friends who have the same vision and respect the local culture.