Many children in Zanzibar don’t get the chance to explore much of their beautiful homeland. They have long days at school and chores at home, and often their families can’t afford extra activities.

We at Zanzibar Different would like to inspire and encourage you to be part of the future of Zanzibar’s children.
If you would like to contribute and prefer to give in a more sustainable way, we as Zanzibar Different can help distribute funds so that it reaches the right people.

With you help we can arrange tailor-made excursions for local kids. They will playfully explore their island’s nature, gain an understanding of the different ecosystems and (we hope) learn to appreciate and cherish them.

The excursions are carefully put together to be inspiring, fun as well as educational, and we invite children from low-income families who otherwise won’t have this opportunity.

If you would like to support this project or you have ideas and suggestions, we would love to hear from you and of course we will also contribute our share.

Pamoja (together) we can help!