Kingfish & Cassava

Let us rise early..
The colors and scents are so different in the mornings!
At 0715am we will collect you so as to sense the shades and richness of Africas markets.
We visit the Fish Market where you most likely may witness an auction. Learn about the many different fish species and the friendliness of the local fishermen before you head to Mombasa market (by car). This market is a 15 minute drive south of Stone Town where no tourists go. Get a feeling of how the Zanzibari live and taste a fresh chapati or fish soup instead of sausage and beans to start your day! Witness the handicrafts created of wild date palm leaves by the local ladies and have a go in trying to manage this intricate art.

This tour is full of surprises and colors. A favorite tour for those who rise early and are interested in photography and culture. The drying of the sardines might be happening as well as the fishermen returning from fishing. It’s a morning amongst locals trying out different types of fruits and experiencing Zanzibar the most authentic way you can imagine!

After all these rewarding impressions we will drop you back at your hotel. (Duration 2.5 – 3 hours)