Murtala’s Spice Tour (With or without cooking or spice blending workshop)

This grassroots tour is conducted by spice farmer Murtala and his family.

It is especially suited for those who are seeking an authentic experience that directly benefits a local farmer family.

The tour is going to one of the oldest plantations, so as to show you an abundance of different spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger as well as fruit trees and beautiful, lush nature.

After the tour we make a village walk if you are fit for it, or else take the car and take you to the Mrembo Spa plantation (our sister spa) where all ingredients for the natural scrubs and body butters etc. are grown.

Here lives Murtala with his family. Cooking as well as spice blending workshops are organized here in combination with a spice tour.

Although you could book the spice tour individually, you might rather opt for the delicious home cooked vegetarian lunch which is prepared by Murtala’s wife Hamisa. It goes without saying that we use all spices seen in the dishes and thus you might taste a spice pilau, curried turmeric vegetables in creamed coconut, katchumbari salad, spicy moringa, cassava and pumpkin leaves & bean falafel with coconut and lime chutney. All this is rounded off by seasonal fruits and herbal tea.

A real highlight is to combine the Spice Tour with either a Swahili cooking workshop or a spice blending workshop. Murtala and Hamisa are experienced teachers and you will learn about the benefits of  the spices and their  uses combined in the cooking.
(this will take an additional 2 hours appr.)