Organic Farm visit, permaculture & garden lunch

At Mwatima’s sustainably run farm, you can learn about farming in Zanzibar and enjoy a delicious lunch, served in the shade of avocado trees. A visit to the nearby Permaculture Institute rounds off this tour.

The farm is a haven and located only 20 minutes south from Stone Town. Mwatima is inspired by the neighboring Permaculture institute and also plays a roll in educating the youth in becoming farmers in a more sustainable way.

Every year there are several groups of young Zanzibaris who follow their course at the Permaculture institute, learning not only about farming and organic waste management, but also being inspired on entrepreneurship with different apprenticeships and hands on learning.

The Permaculture institute and Mwatimas farm are inspirational places to visit and to learn about permaculture and farming on Zanzibar and to enjoy the home cooked lunch amidst the mature and lush gardens surrounding the farm is a real treat.