Princess Salme & the Spices

Born in 1844 in Zanzibar, to Sultan Said Ibn Sultan Al Bu-Said and a Circassian [part of present-day Russia] courtesan, Salme was different from the start. 

As a child she would copy the Arabic alphabet onto the bleached shoulder blade of a camel for the purpose of teaching herself to write.

Her older brother – Majid – inherited the throne after their father died in 1856. But a palace revolution broke out between Majid and her other brother, Barghash. 

A tour in the footsteps of the legendary Princess Salme. We will visit her place of births the Mtoni Palace ruins, enjoy a wonderful coffee ceremony amidst the spice plantations, visit the Persian baths that were build for her stepmother from Iran, go on a spice tour and end with a vegetarian lunch at the Mrembo Spa plantations where our very own spice blenders wife will cook a delicious lunch full of exotic vegetables, coconut and fragrant spices for you.