Seaweed foraging, herbalism, lunch & seaweed wrap

This tour will follow the tide as we need low tide for the seaweed forage.
We leave for Bweleo village (40 min south of Stone town on the way to Fumba) and head to our local herbalist Bibi Safia.

Bi Safia is an experienced seaweed farmer and herbalist and will take us to her private beach to forage our own Spinosium seaweed.
On the 25 minute walk there through a beautiful forest, she will point out all the medicinal and edible indigenous plants. At the beautiful beach we will taste her delicious herbal tea which she plucks from this very same forest and mixes with lemongrass. As a local snack we enjoy her seaweed visheti ( a Zanzibar sweet this time spiced up with seaweed) after this we will head to the shore and forage our own seaweed for the seaweed wrap that will be applied at Mrembo spa after the tour. Now we head back to Bi Safia’s home and enjoy a savoury vegan lunch coowith seaweed rolls, a special seaweed sauce with tomato to dip it in, katchumbari salad with seaweed and her famous Bungo (rubbervine) and seaweed marmelade.
Of course accompanied with herbal tea!

Now we head back to town where the ladies of Mrembo spa will prepare a short workshop on how to prepare the seaweed paste and than undergo a seaweed and peppermint scrub, followed by the detoxifying seaweed wrap filled with antioxidants and vitamins so as to regenerate the skin and activate skin renewal!
This educating, adventurous as well as reviving day will make you feel renewed, fresh and more aware of the warm Zanzibari hospitality.

Duration appr.7 hours.