Princess Salme & the Spices

During this tour, you will explore the Mtoni Palace ruins, once the residence of the first Sultan of Zanzibar and his famous daughter, Princess Salme. Then, you will continue to the Persian Baths in Kidichi which were built for the Sultan’s second wife from Persia, Binti Mirza.

We will have a coffee ceremony amidst the cinnamon trees followed by a spice tour in our mature and lush plantation. After the tour we will take a short stroll through the village up to the Mrembo plantation on one of the highest points of the island.

Here you can witness all the ingredients used for the beauty products of our sister Mrembo spa and enjoy a lovely, vegetarian home cooked lunch (think bean falafel with coconut chutney, coconut vegetable curry and spice pilau) prepared by our spice farmer Murtala and his wife Khamisa.