Uzi Island Adventure

If you love nature, would like to experience rural life in Zanzibar, and don’t mind getting wet feet, this unique day out is perfect for you!

A scenic drive takes you to the south, past the famous Bi Kholle’s mango alley and on to Unguja Ukuu.

Here, we swap the air-conditioned minibus for more rustic transport: a ngalawa (wooden outrigger canoe) and a daladala (local bus).

Uzi Island is separated from Unguja Ukuu by an intertidal road that only exposes at low tide. This is why we will need to plan a little bit ahead so as to make sure that we can reach there. The island is located in the Menai Bay Conservation Area which forms an important ecosystem of mangrove forests, sea grass beds, islands with fresh water forest, coral reefs and a large diversity of plants, land and birds.

Your guide Dulla will show you around the village of N’gambwa, his wife will prepare a delicious Swahili lunch for you; and you will have time to relax and enjoy a refreshing swim on one of Uzi’s remote beaches.

To go there, we will take you by dala dala (local bus) and to return we will take an outrigger (local dhow). Be assured for some adventure here; sometimes we will wade through the mangrove swamps. (We will provide reef shoes but if you have your own bring them along!)

This tour is ideal for those who are adventurous and like to witness Zanzibar 20 years ago; with the mass tourism having also kicked in on the archipelago this is a refreshing part of the island that is still remote and unspoiled from groups and crowds.