What to Pack

It never gets really cold in Tanzania, so lightweight clothing that covers your shoulders and knees is the best choice. Bring a warm sweater, too; during the European summer months it can get chilly in the early mornings and at night, especially in Northern Tanzania, but even on Zanzibar’s beaches.

On safari, muted coloured clothes are best, so as not to alarm the animals. Another aspect to consider is that mosquitos are more attracted to dark colours.

You will need a pair of sensible shoes if you intend to walk in the bush; otherwise, sandals are fine. Consider bringing bathing shoes; there are some sharp corals and sea urchins on the beach.
Wear a hat to avoid sunstroke and don’t forget sunglasses, sun cream and mosquito repellent. For safaris or birdwatching, binoculars are highly recommended.

If you need special medication, bring enough to cover your stay, and if you need prescription glasses, bring an extra pair in case of loss or breakage.
A small selection of film, batteries, memory cards and USB-sticks is usually available, but it’s better to bring your own equipment.