Zanzibar Beauty Experience

At our traditional Mrembo Spa, we will welcome you warmly with our freshly brewed spice infusion.

We are honored to introduce you to the ancient Swahili beauty rituals and you are welcome to participate in pounding and blending some of our scrubs and potions.

Try local delicacies and have fun with our warmhearted ladies at the spa who always have a story to tell. Learn how coconut oil is made and spice scrubs are created.

Sense all the amazing scents of the freshly hand picked flowers from our own plantation which are dried, pounded and blended with rice powder and clove into the bridal scrub named Singo.

Singo is famous on the entire Swahili coast as well as in Oman. Henna is explained and we show you how the powder is obtained from the henna tree which grows all over the island. We darken the henna with coffee so as to retrieve a darker color and you are welcome to be adorned with a typical Swahili pattern. Of course we apply this only after having treated you for a one hour massage to round of your experience at Mrembo Spa.